Unga Unga was formed in 1990 in one of the deeper cellars of Berlin by the multi-instrumentalists Zam Johnson and Paul Griesbach, both from California and bassist Reinhard Schubert from Berlin, Germany

The music of Unga Unga defies all categorization. Elements of many styles of music can be heard, although funk, jazz, rock, world music and the different types of dancefloor beats are predominant.

Soundscapes characterized by the use of modern studio techniques and electronics in conjunction with acoustic instruments create swirling visual images in the mind's ear.

The live multi-media shows have also become notorious. Guest musicians from all continents, as well as dancers, live action painters and poets are often incorporated live and in the studio. Never a dull moment.

In our music we use samples of different origin. Most of them we created ourselves, some of other origin we just found useful in its place in our music. If anybody feels robbed please let us know. We will clear any copyright related matter immediately.

You should listen to the music at the loudest possible volume in order to fully appreciate the sound of Unga Unga.

If you want to get in contact with Unga Unga send email to info@unga-unga.com.